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Every country in the world displays some diversity, but South Africa, stretching from the hippos in the Limpopo River to the penguins waddling on the Cape, takes some beating. It befits its position at the southern end of the world’s most epic continent, with more types of terrain than photographers can shake their zoom lens at. There’s the deserted Kalahari, Namakwa’s springtime symphony of wildflowers, iconic Table Mountain and Cape Point, Kruger National Park’s wildlife-stalked savannah (scene of the famous lion-buffalo-crocodile battle watched more than 75 million times on YouTube) and, running through the east of the country and into Lesotho, the Drakensberg. KwaZulu-Natal’s iSimangaliso Wetland Park alone has five distinct ecosystems, attracting both zebras and dolphins.

If you’re interested in another kind of wildlife, hit the nightclubs on Cape Town’s jumping Long St or sample African homebrew in a township shebeen (unlicensed bar). When it’s time to reflect on it all, do it over seafood on the Garden Route, curry in Durban’s Indian Area, a sizzling Cape Malay dish, or a braai (barbecue) in the wilderness – accompanied by a bottle of pinotage produced by the oldest wine industry outside Europe.


Resort Information

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This one-day safari tour allows Cape Town visitors to get up-close and personal with Africa's most famous animals all just a short drive from Cape Town. This tours is perfect for people wanting to make the most of their time and enjoy a safari without sacrificing too much travel time in the country. Also, as the reserve is situated in the Western Cape, you will never need to worry about the risk of malaria, and a one day safari is easily and conveniently slotted into your schedule as a fun day outing to enjoy some of the Cape’s most stunning flora and fauna.
Big Buck Bunny (HD 30fps)


The Ceres Fruit Valley

The early morning pick-up from your hotel will allow you to see all the beauty of the Cape Town landscape in the beautiful colours of the morning's light. The world-famous Ceres Fruit Valley will have you gazing into the beauty of stunning sceneries, plantations bathing in the beautiful valley encircled by a majestic mountain range. 
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 The Klein Karoo

The Klein Karoo area is one of the most beautiful areas in the Western Cape, bounded on the north by the Swartberg, and on the south by the Langeberg and Outeniqua mountains. This area was first explored by European settlers in the late 17th century, who came across only Khoisan people living in this dry area. Today, the area is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Cape, with a number of fascinating small towns including Ladismith, Calitzdorp, De Rust, and well-known mission stations such as Zoar, Amalienstein, Barrydale, Dysselsdorp and Ceres. No tour through the Klein Karoo would be complete without a visit to Inverdoorn however! 
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Over 1,200 wild animals can be seen at Inverdoorn, with a number of species including lion, cheetah, Black rhino, eland, leopard, jackal, Cape clawless otter and many more. Bird life is equally prolific, with a number of local and migratory species to be found across the reserve. Bird species you may encounter on this Cape Town safari include African fish eagle, blackbreasted snake eagle, giant kingfisher, Cape vulture, Cape eagle owl, flamingo, ostrich, secretary bird, sacred ibis, spotted eagle owl, black stork, barn owl and jackal buzzard to name just a few. A game drive across the reserve is the perfect way to take on the plentiful game and bird life that can be found at Inverdoorn.

A two-hour game drive as well as a visit to the Lion Preservation Project will leave you with wonderful memories of moments shared with some of nature's most exquisite animals.







Capping the southern tip of the sprawling continent of Africa is a diverse, multicultural nation with a 2735-kilometer/1700-mile coastline on two oceans. South Africa’s waters beckon scuba divers to enter its wild and wooly realm. The dive experience here is as varied as the people, running the gamut from big sharks to throngs of tiny sardines. You’ll find tropical reefs in the northeast and temperate rocky reefs in the west. Some of the best diving here involves colder water, strong currents and launching from the surf – bring your appetite for adventure and reap the rewards of marine life encounters you’ll remember for a lifetime.
Dive South Africa

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Scuba Diving South Africa - Reef Diving at Aliwal Shoal

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Great Dives

  • Gansbaai – East of Cape Town, this area is world-famous for its shark whisperers and cage diving encounters with great white sharks. The Dyer Island Group, just south of Gansbaai, is home to a massive Cape fur seal colony and has vast numbers of African penguins and sea birds. No wonder hundreds of great white sharks have decided that this is where they belong as well. A short boat ride puts divers in the midst of the great whites attracted to these waters by the rich feeding.
  • False Bay – False Bay is just south of Cape Town and relatively speaking, the water is warmer than the nearby Atlantic coastline. Here you’ll find kelp forests, rocky walls and sandy bottoms. Inhabitants include Cape fur seals, leopard cat sharks, puffadder shysharks, as well as red and orange sea fans, feather stars and nudibranchs.
  • Mossel Bay – This small harbor town in the heart of South Africa’s Garden Route has several dive sites that range from shallow (about 7 metres/23 feet) to deep (30 metres/100 feet). Look for big fans, sponges, small reef fish, stingrays and rock cod. The region is also one of South Africa’s best places to spot great white sharks.
  • Santos Reef – Santos beach, in the northern corner of Mossel Bay, is home to a small, well-sheltered reef that’s protected from the incoming swell. Marine life includes stingrays, cuttlefish and a variety of local reef species. Visibility is generally good during the summer months but can drop during the winter.
  • Innerpool – Around Mossel Bay’s point is a surf spot called Innerpool. While it offers some of the area's best waves, you’ll find divers flocking to it when the surf allows. You can spot creatures ranging from nudibranchs to dolphin or sharks. In addition to the sea life, the tidal movement in the area rubs rocks together, resulting in some interesting formations.
  • The Sardine Run – The world-famous sardine run typically takes place each year between May and July, when billions of sardinops sagax spawn off Agulhas Bank then high-tail it up the eastern seaboard. Naturally, this convoy attracts predators looking to satiate their appetites. The numbers vary, but try to wrap your mind around a cloud of sardines up to 6.5 kilometres/4.0 miles long by 1.6 kilometres/1.0 mile wide by 30 meters/100 feet deep, closely trailed by sharks, dolphin and other pelagic species. It’s a major spectacle and perhaps one of the planet’s greatest dives.

Want to know more? Visit ScubaEarth® for further information on thousands of dive sites, marine species, destination essentials and more.


Dive Summary

Visibility – Can vary quite a bit but is generally good at major dive destinations, beyond 20 metres/66 feet.

Water Temperature – Averages range from 27°C/80°F at Sodwana, down to 14°C/57°F at False Bay.

Weather – With a varied topography, South Africa has several climate zones that range from desert to subtropical. The Cape Town area has a Mediterranean-like climate with wet winters and hot, dry summers. Winter temperatures can get down near zero and summers can reach 30ºC/100ºF.

Featured Creatures – Sharks, sharks and more sharks. You'll see sardines in season, the usual Indo-Pacific tropical reef fish in the northeast and temperate critters in the southwest.

Recommended Training – Take the AWARE – Fish Identification course to help identify local marine life. The PADI Enriched Air Diver and PADI Digital Underwater Photographer courses will help you prepare to capture great images and get the most out of your dives.

Travel Info

Note - Travel to any destination may be adversely affected by conditions including (but not limited) to security, entry and exit requirements, health conditions, local laws and culture, natural disasters and climate. Regardless of your destination, check your local travel advisory board or department for travel advice about that location when planning your trip and again shortly before you leave.

Language – There are 11 official spoken languages in South Africa, including Afrikaans and Zulu, but 60 percent of the country’s population understands English.

Currency – South African Rand. Credit cards are widely accepted.

Major Airports – Most divers enter the country via Cape Town International Airport, but Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg is also a major international hub.

Electricity and Internet – 220-230 volts, 50 Hz. Internet is widely available.

Topside Attractions – Hike the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape region. Take a luxury safari. Raft down the Orange River from the Drakensberg Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.


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Ticket To Ride Testimonials - South Africa Surf Adventure 2011

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Our staff lives and breathes South African tourism. We are based here in South Africa, so we are intimately familiar with all of the destinations, hotels and activities we recommend.  Expect everything from all-inclusive, multiple-destination vacation packages, hotel reservations & private transfers, to one day private tours of South Africa's top attractions to be handled with out-most care and expertise. Every Travel Planner on our team is required to inspect the properties we recommend on a regular basis, so our product knowledge is unmatched. It has taken years of experience to weed out the good hotels from the great, so you can trust that we stand behind the products and services we recommend. We Have Insider, (up-to-the-minute) Knowledge that simply cannot be found in a guidebook. Some examples:

  • What hotel just changed management?
  • Which restaurant’s star chef just quit to open his own?
  • What resort recently remodeled its premium rooms?
  • What major highways are under construction and should be avoided?

We have the answers to these questions and many more. It’s our job to help you sort through the noise, identify exactly what you need and build you a vacation that exceeds your expectations.


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